About Ujwal EV

Ujwal EV is a Government of India recognized education training institute that specializes in providing courses related to Electric vehicles. Our team of experienced trainers and industry experts ensures that our courses are up-to-date and relevant to the needs of the fast-evolving EV industry. We offer both online and offline courses that cater to the needs of students, professionals, and EV enthusiasts across India.

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a green sign that says electric vehicle charging station
a green sign that says electric vehicle charging station

Join the EV Revolution with Ujwal EV

Experience the Future of Learning newly emerged Technology Electric Vehicles

With the rise of electric cars, it is important for individuals to understand how these vehicles work and how they can be integrated into our daily lives. By incorporating this technology into educational programs both in-person and online, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of electric cars, how they are built, and how they can positively impact the environment. By embracing this technology in education, we can create a more environmentally conscious and sustainable society for future generations.

What You will Learn

Electric Vehicle Foundations & Supporting Infrastructure

Electric Motors and Power Convertors

Battery Technology and Control Systems

Designing Embedded systems for Electric Vehicles

Quality Assurance and Troubleshooting

white arrow painted on brick wall
white arrow painted on brick wall